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“the perfect wine with lobster”

This is the story of Big Claw Wine, a unique blend of white wine grapes that is made with a singular purpose: to be the perfect wine to go with lobster.

Usually, wines are produced and bottled and then someone tries to figure out what food would go with it.

Big Claw’s winemaker, Steve Melchiskey, turned this usual winemaking practice upside down and said: “what if we blended a wine while we are EATING lobster, and made the best blend possible to go with it?” And that’s what he, and a group of wine and lobster lovers did.

Big Claw White Wine

A wine annually selected on the Coast of Maine specifically to complement the flavors and textures of Maine’s greatest delicacy – Lobster…

… steamed with drawn butter, baked, stuffed, Newburg, thermidor or lazy. If your customers include seafood restaurants, markets or grocery stores with live lobsters, Big Claw belongs as part of your wine program.

The Big Claw Mobile

It purrs like a snoring lion, accelerates like a gazelle, has to be steered like a ship, and it fits 4 people across the rear seat with breathing room. No cup holders, automatic windows, air conditioning, or warning sounds available.

The Lobster Institute

Every bottle sold generates financial support for the Lobster Institute – the non-profit caretaker for the lobster fisheries and lobstermen and women who make their living from this great resource.

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